My Inktober 2022

Inktober? What's that?

Inktober is an online challenge where artists all over the world post a drawing for each day of October, given one different topic (prompt) for each day. I've done a few of these and I was curious if for one specific year (2022 in this case) there was a preferred subject for which I kept coming back to.

Check the Inktober site for more details.

What was my main inspiration?

I don't follow a specific theme when I go through each day Inktober, I just start drawing what feels right, given each prompt. So I was curious if there was a common subject present in my drawings that I would tend to go for in each different prompt.


Since every drawing I made was posted on Instagram with its respective hashtags, I counted the amount of times each hashtag had been used and if there were a few that would stand out the most.


In the end, there were indeed a few subjects that I picked up more often, so they ended up as a sort of histogram chart, connecting the amount of times a topic was used with the drawings that related to them.

Check my Instagram profile for the full collection of Inktober posts.